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It's January 2017. A new year and opportunity for reflection to appreciate how much we've accomplished in the past, and also a time to dream, plan and create a vision for our future.  This often takes the form of "resolutions" to go to the gym more, save more money, find that perfect soulmate, stop drinking or eating or Facebooking too uch, etc.  

While those are all worthy goals, this year I have decided to commit to #simplegratitude. Each day I will consciously find one thing to be grateful for and post here.  I  know that when I intentionally focus on gratitude, my life tends to flow effortlessly.  Things happen synchronistically. Being grateful brings more things to be grateful for into our experience.

So #simplegratitude is a challenge—to myself and  perhaps to you.  I may miss days, and that's OK.  But my hope and intention is to find one thing every day to be grateful for...and watch how life unfolds.

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